With decades of experience producing historically significant shows in the art and music realm, John Morris and Kim Martindale have created a unique collection of art shows curated to create a unique art experience.


Over 60 years ago, John Morris began his career as a show promoter and producer of landmark musical events in the U.S., Europe, and around the world. John was production manager at the original Woodstock Festival; opened and ran New York City’s landmark rock concert venue, The Fillmore East; and created and owned London’s first major rock concert venue, The Rainbow. John produced live concerts for bands including Paul McCartney’s Wings, The Grateful Dead, The Moody Blues, The Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, and Santana. Prior to coproducing Objects of Art & American Indian/Tribal Santa Fe, John and Kim Martindale founded and co-produced The Antiquities Show in Santa Fe, which ran for 15 years. John has lived in the U.S., England, the Caribbean and now lives in Santa Fe, NM.



For over four and a half decades, Kim Martindale has produced some of the country’s most prestigious and successful art shows. He was immersed in the art world from an early age and has brought his professionalism and enthusiasm to all areas of his work: appraising, advising, buying, selling, and gallery management, along with art show development, promotion, and production. Martindale currently co-owns Objects of Art Shows LLC with John Morris. Together, since 2010, they produce Objects of Art & American Indian/Tribal Santa Fe. They also produced the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show and the American Indian Art Show/San Francisco, which celebrated a 38-year run. As of 2021, the San Francisco shows became a virtual-only venue.

In 2022, Martindale acquired Whitehawk Antique Indian and Ethnographic Art Show Santa Fe, the oldest annual show and sale of antique American Indian and international tribal art in the U.S. Additionally, a show that Kim helped implement and coordinate at the tender age of 16. Also in 2022, Martindale had the honor of spearheading Indigenous Celebration NM 2022 (IC22) alongside JoAnn Balzer, Bill Butler, Felipe Colon, and George Rivera in this new overarching marketing campaign uniting over 40 New Mexico-based art organizations. In 2023, Martindale will be launching Indigenous Art Fair Contemporary (IAF Contemporary), an event that runs concurrently with Indian Market that will feature galleries that showcase contemporary art by indigenous artists from around the United States and Canada.